Highest Paying Jobs in Sri Lanka

Highest Paying Jobs in Sri Lanka

The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s private sector has undergone rapid growth in the last three decades. Mainly due to strong government support. Which in turn has led to an explosion of multinational companies setting up shops in the country. This has had a tremendous impact on Sri Lanka’s economy as well as its employment landscape, with many high-paying jobs being created every year. Here we look at 10 of these highest paying jobs in Sri Lanka. And examine their salaries. As you will see, some of them are relatively unknown outside of the business world. But that doesn’t mean they don’t pay well!

1) Leading IT Architects

Leading IT Architects design computer systems to meet business goals. Their expertise combines knowledge of software with hardware. Is often required to set up, oversee and maintain servers for a company’s internal use. A Leading IT Architect can work in any industry from telecommunications. And media to financial services and government, but many are employed by technology companies. The average salary for Leading IT Architects is $90K per year (or $44 per hour).

2) Leading Developers and Software Engineers

This is, by far, one of Sri Lanka’s highest-paying jobs. The salaries on offer vary wildly (based on level and seniority). But can be as high as $12,000 to $15,000 per month. And it’s not just a matter of money; developers are also afforded more flexibility when it comes to job hours and leaves days. Job prospects are also pretty good: hundreds of new positions are posted on sites like Seek every year.

3) Leading Writers, Journalists, and Other Media Professionals

Sri Lankan journalists and media professionals are among some of the highest-paid professionals in Sri Lanka. Working as a journalist or editor at one of Sri Lanka’s top media organizations means having an attractive salary to support your living expenses. Not only do journalists, writers, and editors have cushy salaries. But they also enjoy favorable tax benefits by being able to write off certain business expenses.

4) Leading Business Consultants

KPMG, PWC, and Deloitte are some of the world’s leading business consultancies. These are global giants with combined revenue of over $100 billion. So what is it that makes these firms so successful?. Here we take a look at what you can learn from them, both in terms of their products and services, as well as their culture. KPMG – Entrepreneurial Approach to Business: Rather than being just another firm providing consulting services. KPMG started by thinking like an entrepreneur. In 1948, one year after officially opening for business in Germany, KPMG audited several German businesses as part of an internship program.

5) Leading Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Sri Lankan entrepreneurs are steadily increasing their contribution to global entrepreneurial communities. According to Forbes’ list of 200 Best Small Companies In The World, four of them are based out of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, Ernst & Young and Deloitte have listed several companies from Sri Lanka on their Fastest Growing Emerging Entrepreneurs lists.

6) Leading Financial Advisors

The top-paying industry in Sri Lanka is financial services, which pays more than USD 1000 per month on average. The highest paying job within financial services is insurance salesperson; for that career, you can expect to earn around USD 2500 per month on average. Banks are also a popular industry for highest paid jobs. Bank managers at commercial banks earn an average monthly salary of around USD 1600, while managers at public sector banks earn even more—around 1750 US dollars per month on average.

7) Leading Legal and Intellectual Property Experts

This job falls under business services, and some of its most important tasks include drawing up contracts for clients and helping to litigate disputes. It’s a profession that really can help entrepreneurs avoid potential legal issues. The work is also interesting, meaning you don’t have to deal with boring, repetitive tasks.

8) Accounting Experts

Working as an accounting professional is a very prestigious job and highly appreciated. If you have strong analytical skills, good knowledge of math, and are excellent at number crunching, then accounting might be a career for you. An accountant needs to be trained in auditing systems, economic analyses, taxation, corporate law, and corporate finance. The top 10 highest paying jobs in Sri Lanka can earn up to 16 lakhs annually depending on their experience level and expertise. Investment bank professionals rank high too with salaries ranging from Rs 15 lakhs per annum. This was followed by positions such as IT managers/Directors that pay Rs 13 lakhs annually while financial consultants were paid up to Rs 11 lakhs annually depending on their skill sets.

9) Research Scientists

The highest paying job in Sri Lanka is a Research Scientist. This is an important job that, as you might have guessed, deals with scientific research. People who are studying to be research scientists will typically focus on chemistry, mathematics, and physics. The higher your level of education, typically, and your knowledge of these subjects – including at least one outside your focus – will lead to higher pay! Â To get into a career as a Research Scientist you’ll need advanced degrees – either a doctorate or a post-doctoral certification. This can take up to 12 years or more to complete (and even longer if you’re not working full time). A background or knowledge of computer science and strong communication skills will also prove invaluable in landing (and keeping) these jobs.

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