how to conference call on samsung?

how to conference call on samsung?

How to make a conference call on Samsung Galaxy S7

how to conference call on Samsung? All the latest news about Samsung Galaxy S7 is in our articles. Experts are available to assist you.

Conference calls allow you to have different meetings to prepare for a trip between work colleagues, family, or friends.

With the latest technology, this is accessible to everyone, and here we will show you how to make the best use of your Samsung Galaxy S7. In the first part, we will look at how to do this naturally on your Samsung Galaxy S7; then, we will show you how apps can also help you there.

Merge calls on your Samsung Galaxy S7

This is the most straightforward system for holding conferences on your phone.

Another advantage is that you do not have to install any app to hold such conferences.

Finally, this service can be free of charge, except for the operating costs of calling your Samsung Galaxy S7.

The first step, call the first participant.
The first step is immediate; You will usually need to call the first participant in your conference.

You two are already at the conference, bravo! Then pause the first contact by tapping the corresponding icon on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7.

In the second step, call the second participant of your Samsung Galaxy S7
The second contact should be called when the first contact is reached and stopped. This step is a regular call since you made your first contact

In the third step, the call merges
Then you can join the two rings.

All you have to do is press the ‘Merge Call’ key on your Samsung Galaxy S7. You are now at a conference.

You can increase to a certain number of participants.

Contact your operator for more details on this setting.

Use third-party applications on your Samsung Galaxy S7 for conferencing.

Another way to make a conference call is to install an application that offers this functionality. By typing ‘conference call’ into the Google Play Store of the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can access a large selection of apps. Please note that some are free, but others are free.

It is up to you to carefully study the pros and cons of each solution. See also user reviews; This is usually a good source of ratings for any app.

The particular case of Skype

Skype on your Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the most popular apps for making phone calls in conference mode. Having a camera in your contact allows you to use voice and video.

We recommend that you check ahead of your scheduled conference time.

It is best to check if the conference works with three connected people.

This will put a difference in your favor when you hold your conference together.

Prepare yourself a few minutes before the conference so that everything is ready. Finally, send conference references to your contacts so they can connect to your phone or video conferencing on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

In conclusion, your Samsung Galaxy S7 is an excellent tool for conferences.

We have seen how to do your voice or video calling conference on your Samsung Galaxy S7. Be sure to split the forum when you are done.

You do not want all your contacts to hear your conversations from your Samsung Galaxy S7. It will be more cumbersome to pay for a payment application because you did not close the conference.

All expert teams are available if you need more information. Find all our articles about Samsung Galaxy S7 to help you. In case of failure, the guarantee can be a good help for you in the end.

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